Java™ Programming Language

Java is an object-oriented, platform independent, robust and secure programming language

The future contents of this site will include:

Object Oriented Programming: data hiding, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism
javac and java commands
import statement in Java
package statement in Java
class level modifiers: public, default, abstract, final, strictfp
member (variables, methods) modifiers: public, protected, default, private, final
abstract classes and abstract methods
instance, static and local variables
interfaces and implements keyword
method signature and overloading in Java
method overriding
object type casting
constructors, default and overloaded constructors
String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder in Java
primitive types: boolean, byte, char, short, int, long, float, double
if, ternary operator, switch, do, while, for, for each
exception handling: try, catch, throws keywords
functional interface and lambda expressions
Predicate, Function, Consumer, Supplier, double colon operator, streams in Java
inner classes: normal or regular inner classes, method local inner classes, anonymous inner classes, static nested classes
multithreading in Java
synchronized modifier
I/O: FileWriter, FileReader, BufferedWriter, PrintWriter
garbage collection
Date and Time API
regular expressions
serialization in Java
assertions in Java
enum in Java

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